Vikram Kumar to start 'Yaavarum Nalam' Sequel

'Yaavarum Nalam' Sequel Will Take Off

5 years of distinct hard work was the price Vikram Kumar had paid to gain recognition across international standards. The filmmaker might not have imagined of his severe laurels including Hollywood's Weinstein Company. Now the moviemaker is vigorously working on the film's sequel as he will include the same character.

Will the film be a continuation of its prequel where the spirit of Doctor returns through mobile? The closer sources remain away for comments as they feel it's too early to let anything on this project.

At the moment, Vikram Kumar has almost completed working on his Telugu project that is yet to be titled. The film is reported to be based on 'reincarnation' concept. Soon after this film, he will join hands with Madhavan a comedy entertainer titled 'Adhirshtasali'.


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