Vishal is playing the role of his life time - a Transgender in 'Avan Ivan'

Vishal playing a life-time role in ‘Avan Ivan’ 
It’s not confirmed as yet, but reports trickling in from director Bala’s camp say that actor Vishal is playing the role of his life time in the film.  Reports say that Vishal plays a transgender in the film whose movements and mannerisms resemble that of a woman.

Vishal, in the film, plays a son born to the second wife of his father while Aarya is the son of the first wife of his father.  As was rumoured in the print media earlier, it now appears that Visha is indeed playing the role of a transgender.  He is often ridiculed by his relatives and friends for behaving in an ‘odd’ manner and used to sit idle at home in a corner, staring at the empty spafce.

One such day, the script goes, some henchmen of the villain enter Vishal’s house and ransack the house by breaking whatever comes their way.  Vishal, glued to the corner as usual, would witness the proceedings silently without uttering a word.  His mother would cry that had he been a real ‘man’, she wouldn’t have had to face this (attack by the goons).

This would have the desired effect in Vishal as he would get up, still with that brooding look of his, and would go to the villain’s place and bash up the baddies by beating them black and blue for having ransacked his house.  He would then return home, go to his usual place and sit in the corner.

Unit sources say confidently that Vishal’s in line to win many an award for his awesome performance in the film!


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