Aarya under pressure to grow hair in 15 days

Actors Aarya and Vishal play the lead role in director Bala’s dream project ‘Avan Ivan’, which has been in the making for quite a few months now.  The film reportedly has on offer the roles of their ‘life times’ for both Aarya and Visha.  Though Aarya had already given a good account of his acting prowess in films like ‘Naan Kadavul’ and ‘Madarasapattinam’, Vishal is yet to prove his ‘acting credentials’.

Vishal’s role would be the highlight of the film, it is said.  Bala has planned to complete the shooting by next Thursday (10th February).  The lead actors, though, are not sure as to whether Bala would be meeting the deadline of 10th March in completing the film.  Aarya is to star in a Lingusamy film after this while Vishal is to star in a film to be made by Prabhudeva.

Aarya is apparently feeling the heat as Lingusamy had already informed him that he would be starting the shooting schedule from 20th February onwards.  Madhavan, who too plays a significant role in ‘Vettai’, is said to have given a fortnight starting 20th February, a schedule which Lingusamy is not prepared to waste.  Accordingly, he has sounded Aarya to be ready by the 20th.

Aarya, who had shortened his hair for ‘Avan Ivan’, is in a dilemma as he is not sure his hair would have grown by 20th February to enable him to start shooting for LIngusamy’s film.  Aarya’s hair grows at a relatively low pace, says the aftor’s make-up man.  Aarya was spotted looking into the mirror quit often to check whether his hair is making ‘progress’ or not!


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