Actress Oviya injured in 'Agarathi' sets
Oviya rose to fame with the 2010 comedy film Kalavani. She is one among the two heroines in the film ‘Agaraadhi’, Monika is another female lead.  The actress has a reasonably ‘weighty’ role in the film as this was the first film she signed up even before the release of her maiden film ‘Kalavaani’.  She is confident that director Naga Venkatesh would handle her role in the film to her liking.

During the filming of a particular sequence, Oiyaa was to escape from a place where an explosion was taking place. Oviyaa, who was so close to the bomb when it went off, reportedly suffered hearing deficiencies in one ear. The lovely lass has been taking regular treatment from her family ENT specialist.

Oviyaa has been feeling down and out for the past few days, thanks to a freak accident she met with during the shooting of her latest film. She has received some bad injuries in her ears, which prevents her from even attending to her phone calls.


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