Ajith carries 30kg Body Mount Camera for Mankatha

Ajith’s Mankatha revolves around a gambling mafia functioning during the IPL cricket season .The cast and crew of Mankatha(incluiding Ajith, Arjun, Trisha, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai,Amala,Premji Amaren,Vaibhav and many others) are making all efforts to wrap up the movie as soon as possible. Almost 50 % of the movie is already completed with 3 major songs that include Ajith’s intro song shot earlier in Bangkok,another one where Ajith,Premji,Vaibhav and others are dancing to a kuthu song and a lovely duet between Ajith and Trisha both shot in Chennai.
There was a really interesting incident that took place while filming a major stunt sequence.
Reportedly Director Venkat Prabhu came up with the idea of Ajith carrying a 30 kg Body Mount Camera to get the feel of the shots and capture the minutest of details with every walk,turn and jump. While Ajith fans are well aware of the fact that the actor has undergone surgeries and keeps away from the risky business, Thala surprisingly decided to go ahead with Venkat’s suggestion this time. The shot was successfully completed and the rest of the Chennai shoots are expected to be completed this Monday after which the team heads straight to Mumbai.


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