Ameer to launch Vikram, son of the veteran Actor Prabhu

In the heir rising season in Kollywood there is going to be a new addition to the clan soon. Vikram, the son of the veteran actor Prabhu is gearing up to be launched in Kollywood by none other than Ameer.
Apparently Prabhu had asked Ameer to direct his son in a film and kick start his career in Kollywood. After all Ameer is the director who made Karthi a house hold name with a single film.
But Ameer did not agree to the request immediately. Instead he took Vikram along and made him stay for a day with him. During the stay Ameer watched the activities of the young Vikram, played tennis with him and then said yes to Prabhu.
Prabhu is all smiles on the developments. Vikram’s launch film will of course be produced by Sivaji Films and it is all likely to roll even before Ameer’s ‘Adhi Bhagavan’ is completed.

Source: Indiaglitz


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