Gautham Shocked hearing 'Nadunisi Naaygal' based on Hollywood psycho-thriller 'Identity'

When Gautham Menon is trying to draw new line of cinema in Kollywood with some finest attempts, he is blown out of waters to hear that his 'Nadunissi Naaygal' is based on Hollywood psycho-thriller 'Identity'. The film is about two parallel tracks – a psychiatrist trying to prove the innocence of a man accused of murder. The other track unravels 10 members from different ends getting together in a motel due to speculative circumstances of heavy rain rampage. They are mysteriously killed one by one.

A press note from Gautham Menon's desk – The movie is woven around the hero (Veera) and the unraveling of his mind over one fateful night which brings all the characters together.

Fine! There's a sense of similarity between these plots, to which Gautham Menon has denied them as baseless rumors.

Is Gautham Menon's shock real or it is story based on 'Identity' (like his previous movies), lets wait for the movie release.


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