'I am making my foundation strong to make entry into politics' Vijay

When asked Vijay about his political entry, he said,” I wanted to become an actor. People made me sit in a very high place than I expected. Time is very near for the same people to make me a sit in another high place. I will not listen to anyone and jump into politics immediately. But I am making my foundation strong to make entry into politics.
God alone is the sole authority to decide to whom, when, how is going to success or failure. No human being with flesh can prevent this. This is not my personal grievance. It is the grievance of all the members of the cinema community. There are not able to express their feelings but they are crying inside. People who are connected to this may stone my house after reading this interview. They may attack me when I go out. They may try to intimidate me in any way. But I am not bothered about all this.”


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