Its Vijay vs Vishal in Tollywood

In Kollywood the young heroes are very good friends so much so they amicably decide on the release dates of their films, even if it requires change of dates. But their dictates are hijacked by the producers when their films are set for release in Andhra.
Vishal and Vijay have huge following in Andhra Pradesh through their dubbed Tamil films. All their Tamil films are invariably dubbed in Telugu unless the Tamil film happens to be a remake of a Telugu film.
Come this March, Vijay and Vishal will take the box office stage on the same day. Vishal’s ‘Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai’ and Vijay’s ‘Vettaikaaran’ will be pitted against each other on March 5. ‘Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai’ as ‘Khilladi’ and ‘Vettaikaaran’ as ‘Puli Vetta’ are releasing on the same day in Andhra Pradesh.
What looks impossible in Kollywood is happening just like that in Tollywood.

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