Jeeva celebrates his Valentine's Day in Mumbai

Vandhan Vendran in forests 
Jeeva starrer Vandhan Vendran director Kannan while talking to the media about the film said that The film has been extensively shot in deep forest on the borders on Kerala- Karnataka forest for about 23 days. When the forest department gave us the permission they warned us to be careful as there were dangerous scorpions and leeches which would cause danger for lives.
To shoot a song and few sequences we have erected a wooden house on the top of the tree with no foundation. The house could bear the weight of only 10 persons and we shot the song very carefully on Jeeva and Taapsee. In between the small breaks during the shoot Jeeva use to scare Taapsee by throw a piece of wood by saying loudly that it's a scorpion. Finally we enjoyed the whole episode of the forest shooting.
Right now Taapsee has joined the Vandhan Vendran camp in Mumbai while Jeeva is celebrating his Valentines Day with his wife Supriya and his son in Mumbai.
A very happy valentine's day to all u guys n gals… I’m double happy my wife and my son is with me here in Mumbai.Gonna have a blast. U too ;)


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