Jeeva sheding weight for 'Nanban', on a strict diet

Jeeva is right now on a strict diet and is fully concentrating on hit fitness. Yes he is doing this so for his prestigious project Shankar's Nanban.
In Nanban Jeeva is playing the role of a college student. As it strictly requires a good physique and not only that losing weight will also make look much younger than his present age. For this he is maintaining strict diet schedule along with rigorous workouts. Adding to this he is walking for five kilometers a day with no break.
Jeeva says "Though I am in Mumbai for my film Vandhan Vendran I am continuing my workouts and walking. Daily I take my walk from Vandhan Vendran sets to the hotel where I stay. The distance between these two places is five kilometers."
Jeeva is going to have a fruitful 2011 as his films KO, Singam Pulli, Vandhan Vendran and Rowthiram are getting ready for their release in different slots during this year.


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