Lalithakumari with husband Prakash Raj for the welfare of her children
Prakash Raj and Lalithakumari have been divorced and are living separately. Prakash Raj married the Hindi film choreographer Pony Varma for the second time.
Last week there was some financial predicament for Prakash Raj in releasing his film Payanam. At that point of time his ex wife had given her property worth Rs 50 Lakhs as collateral in the court. Prakash Raj had thanked his wife for her deed.
When asked Lalithakumari that how she had the mind to help her ex husband, she said,” My life his peaceful after the divorce. Now there is no anger or wrath in my mind. I came to know that Prakash Raj was having financial crunch in releasing his film Payanam. So I have decided to give my property as collateral. These properties were given to me by Prakash Raj few years ago. I have returned this now. He is always required for me and my children. It is human nature to help others. I did not to do something great. Even after our divorce, I am in constant touch with Prakash Raj for the sake of my children.
I will not make any decision with regard to the children without consulting him. Even once I had to go out of station. I left my kids in his house. They also took care of them very much. There can be separation between husband and wife. But the children should not be separated from their father. Nobody should look at their ex husbands as if they are enemies. Though we are separated now, we have lived happily for 14 years.”


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