Nadiya regrets missed opportunity in ‘Yudhdham Sei’

Actress Nadiya Moidu 
Actress Nadiya Moidu a.k.a. Nadia, a frontline heroine who had acted against all top heroes except Kamal Haasan in the eighties and nineties, got married when she was still in demand in the mid-nineties.  After a 12-year long hiatus during when she had settled down into matrimonial life in U.S., she made a grand comeback as ‘Jeyam’ Ravi’s mother in ‘M. Kumaran S/o Mahalaxmi’ a few years back.

She starred in a few more movies including Vishal’s ‘Thamirabarani’ and a film with Sundar C.  In the meantime, she also got the offer to host the reality quiz show ‘Jackpot’ on a popular private television channel replacing Khushboo, who had made clear her political affiliations.

It now turns out that Mysskin had first approached Nadiya for the challenging mother’s role in his latest film ‘Yudhdham Sei’, which was eventually played by upcoming actress Lakshmy, who appears to be in the ‘fast-forward’ mode as an actress.  Nadiya reportedly listened to the script and said she was willing to star in the film.

It was Mysskin’s condition which apparently stumped Nadiya.  After narrating the entire script to her, Mysskin said that she would have to shave off her hair and wear a ‘tonsured’ look for the film.  Nadiya obviously didn’t want to sacrifice her hair but at the same time she didn’t want to let go the offer either.  She said she would put on an appropriate ‘wig’ for the sequence.

Mysskin won’t have anything of that sort and told Nadiya that ‘wig’ won’t do.  Lakshmy then stepped into the role and now has been getting all the accolades.  Though she has starred in many films earlier, Lakshmy’s role in ‘Yuddham Sei’ has become the best role in her career so far.  After watching the film, Nadiya called up Mysskin and regretted the fact that she missed out on that role!


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