Nandhi Review, Nandhi Movie Review
Starring: Akhil, Baby Sanusha, Poonam Kaur, Sana Khan
Direction: Thamizhvanan
Music: Bharathwaj
Production: D Dhinish Karthik

Nandhi directed by Thamizhvaanan stars Kallori fame Akhil and Sanusha and has confidently released along with the biggie Payanam which is appreciable; this confidence of the director and producer had us expecting to see something novel.

The film’s title suggests that a cow might have something important to do in the film. Yes, it does have a part to play, but nothing of great significance, just an excuse for the director to make the hero and heroine cross paths for love to eventually blossom.

Set, in rural Tamil Nadu (which no longer remains a novelty), Nandhi traces the love story of a typical village couple as it goes through all the ups and downs that one associates with falling in love. The ups and downs that the couple faces are not the routine parent-society-wealth-status-caste issues that occur and recur so often in Tamil cinema. For a change, the parents are happy and willingly consent the couple’s love and there is no ‘nattamai’ to stand in the way of smooth progress. Trouble comes in the form of another person who just can’t stand the thought of a girl from his village being married to a boy from the neighbouring village. Does he succeed in throwing a spanner in the works?

Understanding the evergreen appeal of the emotion love, a film based on that always stands a chance with the audience and the team of Nandhi seems to have banked on this while making their film. While it is a good thing that a lot of the predictability is removed director Thamizhvaanan should have taken enough care to ensure that the alternate hurdle that he had envisaged for the love story had enough credibility to carry the film on its shoulders. It is in this aspect that he has failed big time. There is neither proper reason nor explanation given to the antagonists fuming anger towards the couple in love. Further, it is illogical as to how just one person is able to stand up so strongly against the couple (who have the whole village backing them) and not be spoken against. All this lands a big blow to the central plot and weakens the movie. The love story does not captivate you; it looks just like one of many village-side romances we have seen over the past couple of years. The director has also tried to infuse a bit of comedy here and there through Singampuli, but that too leaves a feeble impact.

Performances always depend on the scope offered by the script and so there is nothing great to write home about. Akhil is still looking for an opportunity that will do justice to the potential that was unearthed by Balaji Shakthivel in Kalloori. Sanusha is starting to look more like a heroine than a child artiste, but still has a long way to go. There are very few other faces in the cast that stay in your mind.

The technical aspects too do not go far above the standards of the central plot. Bharadwaj’s music tries to salvage some points for the movie, but overall gives you a feeling of déjà vu. Camera strictly captures the images and does nothing more impressive. Only the stunts translate some energy onto the screen.

Nandhi is just another village love story that does not stand out for any of its aspects. Overall, there is a feel of shoddy treatment and lackadaisical handling of the entire film making process, without an eye for detail. The end product is one that will not stay in your minds for any length of time.

Verdict: Making up the numbers!


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