Protest against Gowtham Menon with dogs opposite his house
The film Nadunisi Naigal directed by Gowtham Menon has been released. This film is about a psycho serial killer. The Hindu party has condemned this film since there were lots of obscene scenes.
In a statement issued by P R Kumar who is the state secretary of the Hindu Makkal Katchi says,” There are lots of perverted and sadistic scenes in this film. Our culture is that we treat the step mother as our own mother. But Gowtham Menon has made this relation into a vulgar way.
These kinds of things might have happened some where. These kinds of things should not be brought to light on the screen. This will instigate others to commit such kind of mistakes.
Directors should behave with responsibility. There are so many scenes that no one can even imagine. Gowtham Menon should delete such scenes from this film. If he does not delete these scenes from the film, we are planning to protest before his residence along with a big group of dogs.”


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