Trisha's affair with Udhayanidhi Stalin - threats from Karunanidhi family 
Actress Trisha is facing threats from Karunanidhi family because of her affair between Udayanidhi Stalin who is the grandson of Karunanidhi.
Sources say Trisha made Udhayanidhi Stalin fall in love with her and made him take the film Kuruvi, which was a big hit. But later she made him take up the movie Manmadhan Ambu and Manmadha Baanam in Telugu. For both films he has invested Rs 30 crores which failed badly in both versions.
Since pretty actress Trisha is spoiling their family name, CM Karunanidhi and his son Stalin who is the father of Udayanidhi warned actress Trish to keep away from him.
His father is accusing him that he is not concentrating on his films and it is all because of Trisha and her affair with him.


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