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Things are getting close to finalization for the forthcoming super star film 'Rana' that will be on the floors from April this year. We knew Rajini plays three roles and KS Ravikumar directs 'Rana'. Also the techies are the biggies who worked for 'Endhiran'

The super star was in Mumbai on a pleasure cum business trip a few days ago and he is said to have finalized the rest of the cast and crew there.

According to our sources, Rajini plays three roles of different age groups and Deepika Padukone has been signed to play the romantic pair opposite the youngest Rajini. Interestingly this pair will be the only romantic pair in the film.

Also, it is confirmed that Sonu Sood who played a small role in 'Chandramuki' as the village bodyguard to Sheela will play the main baddie in 'Rana'. This villain role is said to have an equal footage with the main hero 'Raana'.

Also there is a buzz about more Bollywood actors getting on board 'Rana' in various capacities.

More....In other words

Here is news about Rajinikanth starrer Rana. Director Ravi Kumar and Rajini are ensuring things get on the right track for the film to hit the floors in the month of April.

Recently Rajini was spotted in Mumbai on a business trip for finalizing the rest of the cast and crew. Rajini is taking special interest in each every aspect pertaining to the film. In Rana Rajini is playing three roles of different age groups and ravishing Deepika Padukone is playing the romantic partner opposite the youngest Rajini of the three roles. Of the entire film Rajini and Deepika will be the only romantic pair.

It is also confirmed that Sonu Sood is pulled into the role of an antagonist who apparently played a cameo in Chandramukhi. Sonu Sood has an equal importance with the main hero Rana. Buzz is that many Bollywood actors will be added to the cast list in the other vital roles.

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