Ram Charan Teja to remake Aadukalam in Telugu

Ram Charan to make Aadukalam in Telugu. - Rumor?
Young Tollywood superstar Ram Charan Teja is likely to remake Dhanush-Tapasee team’s latest super hit Aadukalam, directed by Vetrimaran. The actor saw the film recently and expressed his interest in the remake. If this happens, Vetrimaran will also direct the Telugu version, it is heard.
Set in the backdrop of Madurai, Aadukalam is about two groups headed by police officer Ratna Sami (Naren) and Pettaikkaaram (Jayabalan), who conduct cock fights (Saaval Sandai) in a remote village. Though Ratna Sami is a dominating figure among cock fighters in terms of money and muscle power and his family has won several trophies in the sport, he has been unable to defeat Pettaikkaaram in 30 years. Comparatively poor, Pettaikkaaram’s only wealth is a few roosters and assistants Karuppu (Dhanush) and Dorai (Kishore). Ratna Sami’s only ambition in life? To defeat Pettaikkaaram at least once in his lifetime!
Ratna Sami decides to conduct one last tournament to prove his family dominance in cockfighting and emerge as a winner to fulfil his dying mother’s dream. While both teams are preparing for the cockfight by choosing the best roosters, Karuppu approaches Pettaikkaaram with his rooster, but his master rejects it and asks him to kill it, saying that it is unfit for the fight. But Karuppu trains it in secret.
On the tournament day, his friend Irene (Tapasee) demands that Karuppu return the money he borrowed from her some time ago. To earn this amount, Karuppu steps into the tournament with his rooster and wins three lakhs! Karuppu’s unanticipated success and fame make his master upset and jealous and consequently an enemy! What happens next forms the rest of the plot.


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