Shriya's annual trip to Tirupati Tirumala temple
There is something that Shriya Saran never misses out on. It’s the actress’s annual trip to Tirupati Tirumala hills along with her family members to offer prayers to Lord Venkateswara.
“I am a great believer of God. Our family’s yearly trip to Tirupati is something we look forward for and we never missed it so far.
I am lucky to have born in a family that gives value to faiths,” she says.
Going down the philosophical lane, Shriya says: “There is an equal reaction for everything that one does and that’s called Karma.
So I ensure in all possible ways that my acts don’t hurt anyone.”
The actress adds: “Acting profession always demands great level of attention and hardwork. Also, it gives high levels of stress and negative energies.
My strong belief in the Almighty helps me overcome all these things.”


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