Shruti Hassan not bothered about rumors
Shruti Hassan and Siddharth are the hot pair in Andhra Pradesh after the release of the Telugu film Anaganaga O Dheerudu. Seeing their chemistry on the screen, lots of rumors started erupting. But Shruthi Haasan is cool and composed. She has not bothered about her rumors.

She while speaking to the media said,” Many are asking me that why I have all of a sudden gone to Mumbai. I have not permanently gone to Mumbai. I am in Chennai for 20 days. I am getting lots of films in Mumbai.
That is why I have rented a small house and staying there. Apart from that, Chennai is my only permanent address. There is a question that whether I got a good opening as expected in Hindi films.

When we read a script we would feel that is good. We will do that role expecting that we will get a good opening. But we cannot foretell that the audience will enjoy it or not. Success of a film does not depend on the actors alone. It is also in the hands of the director. My Hindi film Luck did not do well at the box office, but people have accepted me there. My father use to say that whether the film is successful or not, we should dedicate ourselves in that film fully. There is always a misinterpretation that it is tough for me or any other South Indian actors to survive in Bollywood.

I have stayed in America for two years. If you see the world map, the Indian continent will look very small. Why should we separate this has Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. This is a very silly thing. As far as I am concerned I am acting in an Indian cinema. With regard to rumors about me and Siddarth, the film Anaganaga O Dheerudu has come out well. We both have acted well. There is gossip because of this. There is gossip if the chemistry is good and there is also gossip when the chemistry is not good. So I don't take these things seriously.”


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