Team Mankatha to go to Mumbai for the third schedule
Director Venkat Prabhu has successfully completed the second schedule of Mankatha in Chennai. The crew has planned to go to Mumbai for the third schedule. Some of the scenes will be shot in Mumbai's famous Dharavi slum where most of the Tamilians domicile. The film will be almost complete if the shooting of the sequences at Dharavi is completed. The post production work of this film will commence in the first week of March.
Ajith like the frank Rajni has started appearing with apple white beard. Ajith, director Venkat Prabhu and others of Mankatha crew are sporting white beard. In abroad, it is the practice of old people to color their white hair or beard with red or golden color. Now that practice is not there. They have decided to remain in white. Now this fad has come to Tamil Nadu through Ajith. Now we will be seeing his fans color their black hair and beard with white color. Even while acting in Mankatha with Trisha, Ajith appears with grey hair and beard.


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