Thoonga Nagaram Review, Thoonga Nagaram Movie Review

Directed by Gaurav
Produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri
Written by Gaurav
Starring Vimal
Music by Sundar C. Babu
Cinematography Vijay Ulaganathan
Editing by T. S. Suresh
Studio Cloud Nine Movies

Another movie with Madurai city as the background and when happenings about a group of friends form the main plot of the storyline, it sounds all too familiar. The director who also plays a main character in the film has camouflaged the plot brilliantly. The movie exceeds all expectations in terms of the sequence of events that unfold and though there are lot of dull moments in the middle part of the film, the climax is well thought off. “Thoonga Nagaram” though cares a damn about logic turns out to be a watchable fare.

The movie begins on a dark note with the background voice narrating on how the story unfolds where three people are shown along with a burning person referred to as the fourth person. These four are thick friends and what brings them to this situation is said with the storyline rolling back 6 months and slowly the characters establish themselves.

Kannan (Vimal), Ayyavu (Barani), Rajamani (director Gaurav) and Mariappan (Nishanth) are the four friends who make their living in Madurai. There is Kalaivani (Anjali) a local TV compeer who happens to be Kannan’s child hood friend. Its love bug between Kannan and Kalaivani and the story moves on at a steady pace from thereon.

There is also a cloth merchant’s son along with the local don’s son taking scandalous pictures of girls changing saree in their store and using the same to black mail them for sexual favors. Kannan confronts these guys one day which leaves the don’s son heavily injured. Enraged by this, the don wants Kannan and his friend’s dead. The don hatches out a conspiracy to have Kannan killed and whether he succeeds in that or not is all about in the rest of the story.

As mentioned earlier, the movie could have been made more crisper making it an entertaining fare. The movie just scathes through the upper surface and hardly there is any significant twist in the storyline except for the climax. The movie has a running time of 140 minutes.

Music by Sundar C babu is nothing worthy to mention so is the editing by suresh. The director should have had more scenes in establishing Madurai which would have added more flavor to the film.

In terms of acting all four male actors along with Anjali have performed their roles to perfection. Nishanth has to be given special mention for for portrayal of the character of a dumb person and he has pulled it dramatically. Anjali continues her good work in this movie also.

Director Gaurav has given more emphasis to the story while the screenplay is found to be dodgy in many places. There are lot of loose scenes in the middle which should have been trimmed that would have made this film an engrossing entertainer. The movie is most likely to have a decent run at the box-office.

Thoonga Nagaram Audience Analysis:
Kollywood has always been on the move with its action, thrill, stunts, love sequence and comedy. And Thoonga Nagaram is no different but with a new story.
The movie is about four drinkers who become friends through their hilarious activities in a wine shop. Thereafter they become best buddies. They promise to help each other regardless of any circumstances. The best example is when one of them gets angry and walks off and at his work is which happens to be a graveyard… he gets electrified and becomes seriously injured. That’s the moment when the true bond of friendship is seen. All his friends run to save him, take him to a hospital, they take care of him no matter what happens.

As a story line of the movie they try to tell that true friends never decieve each other. As the movie precedes, Vimal, the main lead, finds his childhood love Kalaivani which was lost due of his family problem, finally marries. The movie takes an interesting turn when then friends where drinking as usual, they come to know that there were two guys who black mail the brides of the city by taking their photos with a bad intention. Vimal who fights with them is unaware that one of them is a son of the brutal don. With the fear of being killed they leave Madurai and go back to their villages. They promise as to never return to city, but as every story tells the some how finds the hero, the same happened. The don threatens Vimal’s friends to kill him. In this unimaginable situation, they had no choice but to kill Vimal and save their families. But the unbreakable bonds of friendship stop them to do so. They spill out the plan to Vimal and re-make a counter planwhich happens to be the suspense for the audience.

Everything ends on a good note in Indian cinema. I personally feel that the movie has a good story which is again based on the madurai background films. The cinematography of the movie is excellent; the camera man Vijay Ulaganathan has brilliantly captured the movie, a big bow for his extremely good work. This supposed to be the directorial debut of the director Gaurav. The movie has very good songs on terms of its lyrics, vocalists and choreography. The locations shown in the movie are pretty good.
Verdict: “Thoonga Nagaram” is same old story with a riveting climax.


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