Trisha to get marry this year end
Actress Trisha has mentioned that she will get married by end of this year. Actress Trisha debuted in a small role in the film Kushi directed by S J Suryah. Later one she advanced and secured the place of a leading actress. Meanwhile she faced a lot of controversies like getting drunk, bathing in nude video clipping etc. Trisha who was busy in Tamil and Telugu had acted in a Hindi film recently. Trisha who so far escaped from the love net has now decided to get married. It seems that the marriage will take place by end of this year.
Her parents are hectically in search of a suitable alliance for her. At this point of time Trisha has planned to open a house for the security of animals. Trisha is fond of pets. Trisha who is fond dogs happened to see a stray puppy dog in the Bangalore street. She picked up this dog and took it to her house. She was also appointed as the brand ambassador of the Animal Welfare Society. She who wanted to do something for the stray animals has decided to open a shelter for safe keeping among with her friends.
She while speaking about this said,” There are lots of animals in the country which are not taken care of. It is not possible to take care of all the animals. But I have planned to take care of animals as far as possible. So I have decided to open a shelter for these animals along with my friends.


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