Vishal got squint eye in Bala's Avan Ivan
Vishal’s squint eye act in Avan Ivan
Bala’s Avan Ivan recently completed its filming and has moved to the post production stage. One of the leads Vishal recently spoke about the reason behind introducing him as a squint eyed character in the movie. After observing Vishal’s initial acting, director Bala complained about his urban mannerisms and body language, which was unsuited for the character.
Bala also wanted Vishal’s character to appear unattractive, and planned to introduce a squint eye. Vishal added that the role became very popular after the promotional materials of the movie were released. Though Vishal takes pride in his role, he said that he had undergone great pain to imitate a squint eye, which left him with intense eye oain and headaches after the filming. Avan Ivan will hit screens this April.


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