Ajith with ‘old age get-up’ in Venkat Prabhu's Mankatha

Actor Ajith played triple roles in director K.S. Ravikumar’s ‘Varalaaru’ more than three years back.  One of his roles was that of an elderly man.  Ajith bit into the skin of the character, as he did in the other two roles, and came out triumphant as the film recorded huge collections at the box-office.

In his upcoming landmark 50th film ‘Mankatha’ which is being directed by Venkatprabhu, Ajith is said to have done a role similar to the ‘old get-up’ he donned in ‘Varalaaru’.  The particular portion is said to be one of the highlights of the film, awaited with bated breath and huge expectations by his fans.

Ajith had donned the role of an ‘elderly man’ in his last film ‘Asal’ too but the role didn’t become as popular as the one in ‘Varalaaru’.  Now, sources at the shooting spot of ‘Mangakatha’ assert that this particular role of an elderly man in ‘Mangkatha’ might even overtake Ajith’s own performance in ‘Varalaaru’ vis-a-vis making an impact on the audience.


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