Easan to speak Telugu as Jwala

Celebrated Tamil director M. Sasikumar's second film after his blockbuster Subramaniapuram, Easan will be soon dubbed and released in Telugu as Jwala.

The film stars Samudrakani, veteran filmmaker Kodandarami Reddy's son Vaibhav and Abhinaya. The dubbing work will start soon. The Telugu version is presented by K. Venugopal under the banner of KV Films. James Vasanthan is the music director.

The film revolves around a rich spoiled guy Chezhiyan (Vaibhav). His father Deiva Nayagam (A.L. Azhagappan) is a leading politician who would bail him out even if he commits a murder.

Chezhiyan falls in love with Reshma (Aparna), daughter of a businessman (Vijay Mallya), and the families agree for the marriage. But soon, Chezhiyan is kidnapped and beaten up by a mysterious person. The police find out that a XI grade student named Easan is behind the assault.

Easan recollects (in flashback) when his sister Poorani (Abhinaya) was raped by Chezhiyan and his friends at a birthday party. Following the incident, his family attempted mass suicide, but Easan survived. Easan is now back extract revenge!


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