"I was forced to take a decision" Vishnuvardhan speaks out on Billa 2

Vishnuvardhan’s clarifies 
Vishnuvardhan, the ‘Billa’ director, has come out with an explanation as to why he had to opt out of ‘Billa 2’, which too has his ‘favourite star’ Ajith playing the lead role.

“It was the biggest dilemma in my life. For I was forced to take a decision- whether to do a film with Ajith sir, whom I like a lot or with Pawan Kalyan, with whom I already started working on a project,” he says.

Vishnuvardhan adds: “It was at that time my wife (Anu) came to my help. She made me to take an ethical decision- that to go ahead with the Telugu film for which I had first committed myself.”

After Vishnu walked out of ‘Billa 2’, which is a prequel to the blockbuster ‘Billa’, ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ fame Chakri Toleti has been roped in to helm the film. Vishnu is currently busy with ‘The Shadow’, his movie with Telugu top star Pawan Kalyan.


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