[Poll] Vijay into Politics - Good or Bad?

Should Illaya Thalapathi Vijay enter politics or not? This seems to have become the favourite topic of discussion amongst everyone in Kollywood.

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However, opinions stand divided about the actor's entry in politics. Recently at a function attended by some noted dignitaries from Kollywood, producer K T Kunjumon insisted that Vijay must enter politics and that whenever the actor decides to, he will always have his support.

Directors Seeman and Selvamani along with actor Sathyaraj supported Kunjumon and opined that if good people like Vijay stay out of politics then the state of affairs will never improve.

However, Chidambaram Chettiar, owner of Kamala Theatre where the event was taking place politely requested Vijay not to enter politics. Giving his reason, Chettiar said that Vijay is an extra ordinary actor and his fans won't be happy to lose him to politics.

Now, its not news that Vijay's fan following is at its peak. The actor is on a career high with some awe-inspiring offers up his sleeve. While many would argue that this is not the right time for him to leave a booming film career for politics, it cannot be ignored that Vijay can achieve his political goals too with the help for the huge popularity.

It will be in interesting to see that with the ever growing pressure, what decision Vijay takes.


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