Sonakshi Sinha's dilemma to act with Kamal
Sonakshi Sinha: In two minds on Kamal Haasan’s offer
Sharp and worldly-wise as she is, Sonakshi Sinha is nonetheless caught in a strange dilemma. She has been offered a tri-lingual (Hindi-Tamil-Telugu) film opposite Kamal Haasan, who is almost her father’s age.
While Shatrughan Sinha has no objections to the unorthodox pairing, Sonakshi is not sure. ‘I’ve got the offer. But I’m yet to hear the narration,’ she says cautiously, buying time to wriggle out of what looks like a hugely awkward situation.
It’s not just Salman Khan. The 40-plus bracket of the distinguished male gaze has fallen on the lovely Sonakshi Sinha from all walks of life. After Salman in Dabangg, Akshay Kumar in Joker and Shahrukh Khan, who’s enormously keen to be paired on screen with the Sinha heiress (apparently they’re coming together in Yash Chopra’s next), we now hear of Kamal Haasan showing a keen interest in being paired with Sonakshi in a film to be directed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi by the Tamil maverick Selvaraghavan.
Even before we can get over that one, we now hear the Kashmiri politician Farooq Abdullah is quite taken up with Sonakshi and has shown a keen interest in meeting the lovely actress. Apparently, Farooq, who has quite an eye for beauty and had once many decades ago, been captured on camera revving it up on a mo’bike with Shabana Azmi as his pillion rider, has expressed a keen interest in meeting Sonakshi and has invited the unit of two of her under-production films in Kashmir as the State government’s guests.
Proud father Shatrughan Sinha happily admits to Sonakshi’s popularity in the politicians’ fraternity. ‘Suddenly I am Sonakshi Sinha’s father. I don’t at all mind basking in her glory. Yes, I met Farooq Abdullah this week. And he was so full of praise for Sonakshi. He just couldn’t stop talking about the good work that she’s doing. I’m very proud of her.’
Shatrughan Sinha is not the least frazzled by his contemporary Kamal Haasan’s offer to work with Sonakshi.
‘Kamal Haasan is a fantastic actor. As far as I know, the film that he wants to do with Sonakshi has fabulous roles for both of them. That is rare because Kamal’s films are predominantly his vehicles,’ says the protective father.
As for the age difference between Sonakshi and Kamal Haasan, Shatrughan Sinha protests, ‘Why are we still stuck in such outdated discussions? Age differences ceased to matter in films long ago. We’ve had some beautiful films recently with the hero being far older than the leading lady. Besides, as far as I know, the script is written in a way that justifies the age difference between the lead. So there’s really no need for Sonakshi to feel awkward.’
Taking a long pause, the intrepid Shatrughan Sinha says, ‘Right from the time Sonakshi decided to act, I made it clear to her that she must keep the reputation of the family and her dignity, grace and decorum in place while conducting herself in the industry. I know she won’t compromise on my principles. I also know someone of Kamal Haasan’s stature won’t undermine my position and my family’s position. He is himself the father of a daughter who is into acting. He knows.’
Ends the proud father, ‘I’m happy to say Sonakshi has inherited my sharp tongue and taste for repartees. When on Karan Johar’s show she is asked how she handles misbehaviour, she retorted, ‘No one dares misbehave with me. They know I’ve a Shotgun at home.’ Spoken like a true chip off the old block.’
Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama


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