Suriya was mobbed in Ranganathan Street


7am Arivu the forthcoming film of Suriya is moving on a faster pace. In the recent times we came to know that Suriya is going to shake legs with 1000 dancers and canning this particular song has become a quite a difficult task for the director AR Murugadoss.

Though it was a difficult task Murugadoss being a director of perfection has completed it. Murugadoss has approached the Dancers' Union for 1000 dancers but there were not many dancers registered with the union. He finally sorted out the problem by roping in students from different schools and out-of-work dancers by taking the permission from the Union.

To our surprise the song was shot in forty different locations. Though canning this song is practically very tough but Murugadoss managed to shoot it outstandingly. He also shot few crucial scenes in the busy roads of Ranganathan Street in Chennai. While canning this particular scene Suriya was recognized by the public and soon word spread and there was a huge crowd who got excited seeing him. The situation turned out of control and finally police came in for rescue. The shooting was delayed for sometime after which they completed the scene with police protection.


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