'Vaanam - Evandi Unna Pethan' song shoot with special budget of 1 crore

Simbu's single from his upcoming Vaanam, 'Evandi Unna Pethaan' is already a runaway hit. Simbu had written and sung the song, which was released earlier to increase the hype for the movie. Now Simbu, along with director Krish, have filmed the video of the song, which would also be released as an album in a first-of-its-kind move in Kollywood.

The album, which will also be released in Hindi, was recently shot in a Mumbai studio under Bollywood dance master Ahmed Khan's choreography. Vaanam sources say that Ahmed Khan was so impressed with Simbu's dance moves that he never called a cut and hugged the actor on completion of the scene.

Due to the immense success of the song, Vaanam's producers were ready to spend a huge budget to make the video of the song in a grand manner. The producers spent a crore for filming the song, which also included specially importing 30 dancers from London.


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