180 Music Review, Rating


Album Name: 180

Cast: Siddharth, Priya Anand, Nithya Menon, Mouli & Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

Director: Jayendra

Producer: Kiran Reddy, Swaroop Reddy & C. Srikanth

Music Director: Sharreth

The audio of Siddharth starrer 180 got released today morning at Sathyam cinemas.

Maverick director Mani Ratnam has launched the audio. The entire cast and crew of 180 were seen at the launch including Siddharth, Priya Anand, Nitya Menon, director Jayendra, music composer Sharreth and others. The guest list includes Arya, Jayam Ravi, music director Devi Sri Prasad and cinematographer PC Sreeram. The latest trailers and two songs from the film were screened for the guests. The first one was a rocker which was shot in Phantom camera while the second song is a romantic and was shot in US starring Siddharth and Priya Anand. Music is by Music director Sharreth. Sharreth along with singers Tippu and Vidhu gave a live show of three peppy numbers. However, the album comprises of 7 beautiful numbers which were rocking. Let's take a look at them…..

Rules Kidaiyadhu- 3/5

Singers: Tippu

Lyrics: Karky

Rules Kidaiyadhu is a mind-bending track. We can't even find minor nuance as background chorus and chendai sound are brilliantly done. Drums and electric guitars are very well used in the prelude and throughout the song by Sharreth. The song is supposed to be the intro song, let us wait for the visuals. This song is the pick of the album.


Singers: Vidhu Prathap & Ramya S.Kapadia

Lyrics: Karky

One of the pleasant songs in the album and the inquisitively titled AJ has fabulous singing by the duo Vidhu Prathap and Ramya. Sharreth's expansive mind’s eye including generous bit of Spanish is purely lovely. Expecting to be a romantic number shot in the exotic locales of US….Can't wait for the visuals. Give a rewind press!

Sandhikkatha Kangalil- 2.5/5

Singers: Chithra, S.Sowmya & Unni Menon

Lyrics: Karky

Sandhikkadha Kangalil reminds us some of music maestro Ilayaraja's 80's compositions. This number is gripping and tuned in Chendai-style. Chitra, Sowmya and Unni Menon have sung this semi classical with élan. After a few listens the catches your attention but classical music lovers can go for it. Can give a listen.

Nyaayam- 2.5/5

Singers: Sharreth

Lyrics: Viveka

Music composer Sharreth makes Tamil sound like Azerbaijani and otherwise he amazingly orchestrated the number with complete lively interludes! His voice is apt for the number and fresh try but need to see whether it clicks or not. Try to avoid if u don't understand!

Radhe Radhe- 2.25/5

Singers: Ramya S Kapadia & Ravi Shankar

Lyrics: Viveka

This is a bhajan song. The first stanza begins with Radhe Radhe Maan Bhole …and the lyrics deal with the prayers to lord Krishna and Radha. Lyricist gave totally Hindi lyrics and could have tried for something in Tamil. Ramya have rendered the number with her mellifluous voice and a lot of devotion is found. The song ends before really taking off. Goes well during Bhajans and Poojas at our home!

Nee Korinaal-3.25/5

Singers: Karthik & Swetha Mohan

Lyrics: Karky

The song starts in a brilliant way with a lovely word like Korinaal. Sharreth has given most creative tune and this might be a breezy number between the lead pair shot, expected that the song is shot in foreign locations. Karthik and Swetha Mohan evokes some mushy moments. The simplicity of the song's tune and the limited number of instruments used in the harmony reminds us of the yesteryear melodies. Nee Korinaal is the pick of the soundtrack!

Siru Siru Kanavugal-2.5/5

Singers: Vidya Shankar, Master Aswath, P.Ajith, Master Sharath

Lyrics: Karky

Siru Siru Kanavugal makes amazing use of the young singers it has in its discarding within a gripping tune. All of them gave power packed vocals for the commanding track. Sharreth gives a powerful end to the album.

Final Verdict:

180 album is totally unique in every possible way starting from the title of the film, the main plot and also the songs in the album. He has done his job excellently and quite effectively. The album carries a mix of all tracks like electrifying youthful songs, romantic number, classical number and Bhajan song. The album lacks some Tamil flavor as most of the songs are classy in touch.


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