For Vikram 'off beat' is the key

The music of 'Deiva Thirumagan' was released a couple of weeks back and has become an instant hit with the audience. All credit to G.V. Prakash, who is associating with director Vijay for the third time with this film. Albeit Vikram's entry into films being a slow one, the actor has proved time and again with the roles which have come his way that he is a class apart. Right from 'Sethu' to 'Pithamagan' to 'Anniyan' to the most recent, yet-to-be released 'Deiva Thirumagan' the actor has wowed everyone with his performance.

While it is a dream for most of the heroes in Kollywood to earn popularity similar to the likes of superstar, only a few dare to be different. Vikram is one of a kind and wants to be remembered for the different roles that he has portrayed. The actor has revealed that he wants to be like Kamal Haasan. No wonder Vikram nods his yes to off beat scripts. It not only brings out the actor par excellence in him but also opens a wide range of options for the viewers in accepting films belonging to different genres.

But there are some who are not too happy with the actor choosing off beat roles. They are the distributors, because they opine that Vikram's action films bring in good moolah for them. It would be good if the actor chooses to do off beat films and action-based movies alternatively, so that everyone will be happy.

In the meantime, Vikram seems to have decided on his next venture with director Suseendran. The film, reports suggest, would be based on the relationship between an old man and his grandson. Very few films have churned out of Kollywood from this angle and Vikram who gives his best shot to any role that comes his way would play this part to the hilt. Sources suggest that the director has roped in popular director K. Vishwanath to play Vikram's granddad.

'Deiva Thirumagan' is touted to hit the screens mid-May, it is sure to be a hit with a wide spectrum of audience, right from children to senior citizens. Be ready to grab your ticket and get the 'Deiva Thirumagan' experience.

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