K V Anand thanks Kolleagues

With just three more days left for the release of 'Ko', captain of the ship K V Anand feels that it was because of an excellent team he was able to make the film without any compromise.

"Right from the producer to actors to crew members, everyone cooperated with me a lot while making the movie. But for their support, 'Ko' would not have taken shape as expected," says the cinematographer-director.

On the lead actors, Jeeva, Karthika, Ajmal and Piya Bajpai, he says, "They have delivered their best. All the four are young and energetic and understood well what they were expected to do."

"Script-wise 'Ko' will be better than 'Ayan', my earlier venture," Anand says and adds: "I will try to outdo 'Ko' in 'Maatran' since I sincerely believe every film is an opportunity to polish my skills."

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