MS Baskar all excited about 'Deiva Thirumagan'

Sources say that MS Baskar plays the role of a truck driver in a chocolate factory in the film 'Deiva Thirumagan.' The artist has already acted in 'Kireedom' and 'Madraspatinam' that were directed by Vijay.

'Deiva Thirumagan' is MS Baskar's first film with Chiyaan Vikram, although he had earlier spoken to Vikram through few dubbing scenes, this is his first film as an actor with him. It's also said that the artist is playing a key role as a close associate to Vikram in this film.

Speaking to the press, MS Baskar comments that, "I can vouch that everybody will fall for this film's emotional plot that involves Vikram and his struggles in bringing up his daughter."

So what's in store for MS Baskar this year? He is working on 'Velayudam' with Vijay as the latter's uncle, this flick is directed by Raja of 'Santhosh Subramanium' fame. He has done quite a number of scenes with Illaya Thalapathi in this movie. After which he is acting in 'Ethan,' followed by 'Thalapu Seithigal' with Nakul. It is said that the title of 'Thalapu Seithigal' has been renamed as 'Sadugudu.' He is also acting in 'Varusanadu' that is directed by Surya Prakash.

However, looks like this comedian is eagerly looking forward to the different yet a key role that he has played in his forthcoming flick, 'Deiva Thirumagan.'

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