Nakul's heroine sacked

Kannada actress Aindrita Ray, who was roped in to play Nakul's heroine in a yet-to-be-titled film to be directed by John Mahendra (of 'Sachin' fame), has been dropped from the project.
While circles close to the director say he was not satisfied with the actress's work, Aindrita Ray, who is 10-film-old in Sandalwood, was quoted as saying that John had no right to comment on her work.
"My Kannada films were hits and people there have appreciated my performance. John, who has just one movie to his credit, has no right to talk bad about my work. It's purely unprofessional of him," she said.
Meanwhile, Nakul has been maintaining a stoic silence over the issue. "He believes an actor should not interfere in a director's work and it's the director's prerogative to decide on the cast and crew," sources say.

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