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When 'Ponnar Sankar' hit the screens last week, one question was brimming in the minds of the people who saw the epic film – 'Where did this Prashanth go hiding for so long? In fact many others too wanted the answer for this question as Prashanth is one among the very few young actors who has got everything to make it big.

It is an unanswerable question. Prashanth got a dream debut in 1990 with the super hit film 'Vaikasi Poranthachu'. It was a silver jubilee hit and everyone was happy to receive a young actor who was full of promises. Prashanth was aptly recognized with a lot of Best Debutante awards.

Though his launch film was teenage romance, Prashanth made an impact as an actor and that got him films in other languages too very early. 'Perunthachan' in Malayalam was one. Prashanth also raised hopes when he was introduced in Bollywood with the film 'I Love You'. Such was the pull of Prashanth in his early days of cinema.

Just as he was growing even legends had an eye on him. The award winning film 'Vanna Vanna Pookal' directed by Balu Mahendra was a proof that Prashanth was a legitimate star material. But somehow his deserved glory wasn't forthcoming.

Unmindful of that Prashanth continued doing his job well and proved that he is an actor who is capable of doing any type of character. In 'Kalloori Vasal', Prashanth and Ajith were matched to the hilt as adoring college students. In 'Aanazhagan', his female act was very much appreciated long before 'Avvai Shanmugi' came.

Prashanth's sojourn with Mani Ratnam in 'Thiruda Thiruda' also speaks a great deal about how he constantly gains the confidence of ace directors. When director K. Balachander wanted a powerful actor to play in the remake of the Hindi hit 'Sadak', his choice was Prashanth.

Why do you think Shankar opted for Prashanth for his first ever extra-large mega budget film 'Jeans'? Prashanth's double roles - Vishwanathan, Ramamoorthy - in 'Jeans' will always remain as one of the most popular double roles in Tamil cinema. Prashanth did the tough job with ease.

Though Prashanth never bothered competing with the mass heroes of his times, his talent was never in question. One reason for him not being in the headlines often could be his chocolate boy image well etched in the minds of film goers. For information, Prashanth is the actor who has romanced more Bollywood heroines than his contemporaries, starting with Aishwarya Rai. Remember the evergreen musical 'Majnu'.

When things were looking up professionally with real good films coming on like 'Virumbukiren', Prashanth's personal life took a beating with an unsuccessful marriage. Prashanth has more than once proved his resilience to fight odds and come out unscathed. He did that again.

It took him a few years to come out of that and what a way he has come back. 'Ponnar Sankar' is the talk of the town and his acting skills have again come to the fore in this tale of two brothers. Prashanth has already proved his mettle in romancing in many films. In films like 'Winner', 'London', 'Aanazhagan' etc. his penchant for comedy was displayed beyond doubt. 'Shock' was a much liked horror thriller. 'Thagappansamy' and 'Jambavan' showed the solemn acting skills in Prashanth of late.

Then why does he not prefer to be on top of the list in spite o being handsome, talented.

The change has occurred. Prashanth after 'Ponnar Sankar' is an all new actor set to regain all which were up for his taking before but he didn't bother to take.

The actor who was once a toast of great directors like Balu Mahendra, Maniratnam and Shankar is out on the prowl once again. Here is a man who has all the proficiency in acting, dancing, fighting, humour and more needed to be a great show man. He is handsome, charismatic and artistic.

The success of 'Ponnar Sankar' has opened the gates for another epic film 'Mambattiyan'. When 'Mambattiyan' also releases later this year, one can be sure that Prashanth will be where he should be. At the top and rightly so.

Keep going Prashanth!

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