Vasanth Balan’s grandeur set at Arittapatti Hill

Vasanth Balan’s Aravaan

Director Vasanth Balan's Aravaan which features Aadhi, Pasupathy, Archana Kavi and Dhansika in the lead roles is currently busy with the shooting.
Aravaan is based on the life in South India during the eighteenth century. And to bring aptness to the film director Vasanth Balan took about three months to search location for the film. After doing a through research in various locations he finalized the location on the Arittapatti Hill near Madurai. He felt that this place will suit the script more aptly as it is covered with caves, hills, valleys and streams which is demanded by the story.
Vasanth Balan has chosen Art director Vijay Murugan and he erected a set which stood as a replica of Vasantha Balan's plan. Vijay Murugan has erected 100 huts made of bamboo sticks, palm leaves and stones. The set includes 'Karuppan Temple' which is also most popularly referred t as Somberi Madam these days. The set will reflect the Pandian era. The cast comprises of many character artists and nearly five hundred junior artists also added to the cast
Vasanth Balan says "The set which was erected by Vijay cost nearly eighty lakh rupees and also plays a vital role in the film. We are also going to shoot on the hills and landscapes as they showcase the 18th century era".


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