Aish to bare all for 'Heroine?'

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Well Bollywood is buzzing with stories that the lead lady of Bollywood, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan will go nude for the Madhur Bhandarkar project 'Heroine'. The ex-miss world announced that she would be playing the lead in Bandarkar's 'Heroine' while she was at Cannes.
The director who had earlier thought of roping in Kareena Kapoor seems to have changed his mind. He has also revealed that he has re-touched the script for 'Heroine' to suit the Bachchan bahu. There are reports running rife that the top actress would strip for a scene in the film. Though she was initially reluctant to shed her clothes, she later consented to it because the script demanded it, say sources.
Aishwarya has already done a semi nude film in Bengali which was later released in Tamil as 'Dasi.'
The film 'Heroine' deals with the life of a top heroine in the industry and the extent to which actresses go to bag roles and fame. Bandarkar who created an impact in Bollywood with his true-to-life portrayal of 'Fashion' and 'Page 3' is adept in showcasing the lifestyles of the posh crowd in the country.
This is the first association of Ms. Rai Bachchan with Bandarkar. Though we do not have any confirmation from the actress' office regarding if she has nodded her "yes" to the bold act this has created a huge ripple among the Bollywood crowd.
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