Ajith's 'Billa 2' a prequel - plot revealed

That to have sequels for blockbuster hits and repeat the success mantras of the original is old news, a concept followed religiously internationally.

But what’s new is to have sequels that show the pre-events and happenings that actually led to the first movie. Remember the sequel of ‘Paranormal Activity’ where the second movie showcased what actually led the demon to posses the lead role and why is she haunting the family?

Such a sequel (more of a prequel) is what we are talking about here.

Yes, Ajith’s forthcoming ‘Billa 2’ that will go on floors this June end will showcase how David, a civilian from coastal regions becomes the don feared by one and all. We are referring to the Ajith who played the negative role in the original. A birdie says ‘Billa 2’ will portray the events that led this Thuthukudi guy to become a don and move to the underworld. Ajith will sport a whole-new-look for this movie as he will have to look as a young Billa who is in his early twenties.

The movie will be directed by Chakri Toleti and will feature Huma Qureshi, a model, opposite thala. Yuvan Shankar Raja is composing the tunes.

Tell us what you feel about this novel attempt?


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