Allu Sirish promises a double-delight to Chennaiites

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Allu Sirish, son of prominent film producer Allu Aravind of Geetha Arts that is producing 'Maaveeran' which will hit the screens tomorrow, has recently connected to his tweet buddies and promised a double-delight for Chennaiites.
He tweeted saying, a popular multiplex in the metro, Mayajal approached Geetha Arts and expressed that they wish to release 'Magadheera,' that is the original of 'Maaveeran' along with the latter, tomorrow!
Quite unusual isn't it?
As much as it is unusual, it's a true delight for Telugu movie buffs in Chennai, as the original was a smashing hit and one of the top grossing movies Telugu film industry has ever witnessed, and the producers are hoping to repeat the magic yet again!
So, how many of you are game to watch this double-delight at one go?

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