Anushka to cut her flab

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Kollywood's hot favorite heroine Anushka who has raised many hearts with her awe struck looks and ultimate performance is all set to cut the flab on her body by hook or crook. It is heard that Anushka has gained some weight and lost her shaper due which she has chances of loosing her market both in Tamil and Telugu.

Anushka who is a master of yoga is unable to find time for her workouts as she is busy with Tamil and Telugu projects for the last six months. In order to safeguard her market, Anushka is planning to reduce weight with the help of liposuction surgery and want to regain her shape as soon as possible. After gaining her shape she is in plans of maintaining strict diet and regular yoga to maintain her figure further.

Anushka is currently waiting for the release of Deiva Thirumagal and has one more project Rani Rudrama Devi, which is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu.


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