Ayurvedic medicines caused Rajinikanth's renal problems?

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Ayurvedic medicines caused Rajinikanth's renal problems?

Rajinikanth is currently undergoing treatment at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The actor was earlier admitted to Singapore’s National Kidney Foundation, which is a medical centre and charitable organisation for patients with renal trouble in need of dialysis and transplant. The actor had reportedly earlier undergone multiple dialysis at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre in Chennai.
Sources from the medical fraternity now say that the actor’s earlier dependence on ayurvedic medicines may have damaged his kidneys. Mass-produced ayurvedic medicines apparently contain excessive amounts of mercury, lead and arsenic. Continuous usage of these medicines can lead to organ failure, particularly renal failure and gastro-intestinal conditions, due to the accumulation of these metals in the body. Symptoms resembling these have been reported in Rajinikanth. Though ayurvedic practitioners swear by the effectiveness of these medicines, they also say the current mass production of these medicines differs from the original preparation methods practised since centuries.
Rajinikanth is a firm believer of traditional methods of healing and spirituality. With little information available about Rajinikanth’s current health condition in Singapore, his fans are looking the godly way, praying their Superstar should spring back to his lightning speed acting.
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