Daily publishes picture of Rajinikanth praying at church

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  Daily publishes picture of Rajinikanth praying at church

A Malayalam daily carried a picture of actor Rajinikanth praying at a Chennai church. Today, the newspaper published two pictures of actor Rajinikanth sitting at the Annai Velankani shrine, Besant Nagar, Chennai. The other picture showed the actor leaving the church with two men who were assisting him to walk. Rajinikanth, dressed in a white shirt, shawl and dhoti, was also clicked sitting on a church bench. The actor sported a grey stubble and appeared weak.

The daily reported that the actor had stepped out of Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre at 4 on Friday evening, and had left to the church in secrecy before boarding his flight to Singapore. The daily also reported that the photograph was sent by a reader, who had clicked the Superstar with his mobile phone camera.

The church at Besant Nagar is also known as ‘Chinna Velankani’ and the shrine for ‘Our Lady of Good Health’. It is visited by people around the world, irrespective of religious identities, to pray for the health of their loved ones. We too, with the star’s fans, pray that Rajinikanth should return to his best health at the earliest.

Join us to express your views and pray for our Superstar’s well being!

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