Dhanush is Hari's Selvam

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Siva in 'Uthamaputhiran', K P Karuppu in 'Aadukalam' and Saravanan in 'Mappillai'. And one more earthy name is set to join the list of characters played by Dhanush. It's Selvam, the name of the character the actor is playing in 'Venghai'.
"Dhanush is a director's artiste. A filmmaker can mould him as per his wish. I have made a thorough commercial entertainer with him and he has excelled as Selvam," says Hari, the captain of 'Venghai' ship.
"Then film is a rural entertainer and Dhanush plays an angry youth who is uncontrollable. The only person who can control Selvam is his father, a character beautifully enacted by Rajkiran," Hari adds.
On the heroine, Tamannah, he says, "Dhanush and Tamannah already made a perfect pair in 'Padikadhavan'. The magic is repeated in 'Venghai' however with a difference. You can see a new Tamannah here."

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