Gossip- Who is happy for Ponniyin Selvan being shelved?

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Manirathnam new movie shelved

It is heard that there is an actor who is very happy on the news of Ponniyin Selvan being shelved. The time when the actor was aware of the news on the World Wide Web, he immediately confirmed the news with the journalists. When he heard that it was confirmed news he turned happy and settled in peace.

No one will be happy without any reason right, there is reason behind his happiness too. He is one of the actors who always dreamt of working with Manirathnam. His physique is the bets suit for a warrior and he recently appeared on big screens with a historical film. The actor has expected that Mani Ratnam will be giving him a call after Vijay, Mahesh Babu but his perception ended with a negative note. He waited for a long time but the good news never came to his ears.

So the actor is damn happy now as the project has been shelved.

Any guess work going on who is the actor? Yes! It is none other than our Prashanth.


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