Hansika's prays for superstar

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The latest babe in Kollywood who debuted in Tamil with 'Maapillai' starring as Dhanush's heroine has offered her prayers for the Superstar to get well soon. The actress is believed to have conveyed her best wishes to her co-star Dhanush for the latter bagging a National Award for the Vetri Maaran film 'Aadukalam.'
The chubby actress from North who has taken the South by storm has revealed that she has been disturbed by the sudden illness of the superstar but is confident that he will be back and acting soon. She is believed to have revealed this to Dhanush when she spoke to him recently.
Dhanush has been a pillar of strength to the superstar's family during this stressful time. Apart from the fact that he is superstar's son-in-law the actor is a huge fan of Rajini sir. He has been spotted constantly beside Mrs. Latha Rajinikanth during her meeting the press to update on the superstar's health. Dhanush is believed to have stated that he is unable to completely enjoy his National Award victory which has been dampened, to a certain extent, due to his father-in-law's illness.
But as they say, when the going gets tough the tough get going and the Superstar is one tough man and we can be sure he will come back with a bang all hale and healthy because of the prayers of millions of his fans across the globe!

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