How celebs beat this summer heat

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 How celebs beat the heat

With the onset of 'Kathri', Chennai is witnessing the hottest days of this year's summer! Stalls selling tender coconuts, juice and ice cream parlours are doing roaring business. So let's take a look at what celebs do to beat the heat.
Priya Anand: Hmmm... They say cooling spas are good but I'm too lazy! I just stay indoors... preferably in a nice air-conditioned theatre watching some good movie!
Sibiraj: Hmmm... I'd drink lots of juices and tender coconut water. The key is to keep hydrating yourself. And instead of sweating it out at the gym, I take a dip in the pool.
Poorna: If I can get home to Kochi, that itself is a big relief, because in Kerala the rainy season will begin and the climate will be lovely! If it's abroad, then Venice is my pick. It's such a beautiful place and I am so fascinated by the gondolas!
Bharath: Hmmm... I drink lots
of tender coconut water, stay in the shade as much as possible and keep a cold towel handy at all times. Nothing like a cold towel around your neck to cool off and relax.

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