Insurance companies not to cover Rajinikanth's Rana?

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The insurance companies which were eager to provide cover for superstar Rajinikanth's mega budget film Rana after the super-duper success of Enthiran, are now reportedly on the back foot following unfavourable reports about the superstar's ill health and frequent hospital visits!

According to a report by the online edition of a Hyderabad based financial newspaper, New India Assurance and United India Insurance, which provided insurance cover to Enthiran, are now unwilling to extend insurance coverage for Rana.

"Considering that the actor has been going in and out of hospital and with so many rumours floating about his ill health, it is a very risky proposition to provide insurance cover for the film. We will not consider it," a New India Assurance official was quoted as saying.

"Insurance is provided only against the occurrence of uncertain events. When the illness of the lead cast is clearly obvious here, no co­mpany will be willing to undertake the risk. Even if the movie is insured by any co­mpany, the coverage would exclude losses arising as a re­sult of Rajinikanth's health problems," a senior official with United India Insurance said.

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