'Ko' – Sky High!

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K.V. Anand's 'Ko' is running in jam-packed theatres for the second continuous week and is turning out to be a blockbuster hit for Jeeva and Co. The hard work of the entire team is now witnessing a stupendous success. There are 193 copies of the film running throughout Tamil Nadu and a total of 400 prints running worldwide!
'Ko' is like a refresher in Tamil films which had been seeing a dry spell in terms of a good storyline, cinematography and characters who could communicate with the audience. 'Ko' scores a good ten on ten in terms of the justice the characters have done to their roles. It is undoubtedly one of the best roles played by Jeeva till date. Though the film is a multi-starrer each one has played their part so well that they keep popping into your minds long after you leave the theatre.
K.V. Anand was extremely right when he said 'Ko' would be ahead of 'Ayan' in many ways. The music of the film is doing extremely well; the musical numbers with Harris's mesmerizing flavor adds to the success of "Ennamo Etho…" and "Amali Tumali…" Antony as usual has done a great job with crisp editing and Richard Nathan has literally taken the audience places doing a fantastic job with the cinematography.
'Ko' has definitely emerged a winner, kudos to the entire cast and crew for bringing forth a good entertaining movie during this holiday season!
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